28 September 2018

DIY Fabric Pumpkins

As anyone who follows me knows, I love nothing more than re-using/re-cycling/up-cycling, call it what you want, basically making something new from something old.  It's the joy of being creative, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING has a possibility.  The only downside to this is that it can lead to hoarding tendencies because, seriously, there's a purpose for everything.  Look at the things McGyver did with chewing gum wrappers!!

So for today, day 28 of my #30daysgreener challenge I'm showing you how to make some super cute pumpkins from old fabric (kid's clothes are perfect for this as they come in fun prints) and old cushions! 

So what are you waiting for let's get stitching!

Grab your fabric and 
follow the instructions here.  

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10 September 2018

Day 10 30 Days Greener - Food Waste

Day 10 or my #30daysgreener challenge and it's all about Food Waste.

If you do one thing today take just 1 minute to watch this trailer and then, go watch the full documentary.  It doesn't matter that this is US based because food waste is one of the biggest contributors to green house gases in Ireland.

WASTED! exposes the criminality of food waste and how it’s directly contributing to climate change and shows us how each of us can make small changes – all of them delicious – to solve one of the greatest problems of the 21st Century.

Irish householders on average throw out 
€700 worth of food every year*

Though the individual amounts may seem small, when added up the total volume of food waste produced in Ireland every year adds up to over 1 million tonnes* 

Some of the most common types of food we throw away include meat and fish, dairy products, bread, and fruit and vegetables*

The best way to prevent food waste is by planning your meals, writing a shopping list, storing your food correctly and utilizing leftovers.  The EPA have a great resource here  A-Z Foods outlining everything you need to know to prevent food waste, including tips on storage and recipes.   

Today I want you to do at least 1 of the following:

1 - Watch this trailer and then watch the documentary
2 - Tell, or share this link, with at least 5 people, get the conversation going
3 - Waste no food today
4 - Plan your meals for the week
5 - Make a list when you go shopping (use old envelopes #recycle)
6 - Use your leftovers
7 - Store your food properly. Use your freezer.
8 - Encourage your local shops to donate food rather than bin it
9 - Start composting your leftovers at home
10 - Eat what's in season

I live alone so I find food waste is certainly an issue for me.  I really try to use everything but sometimes it just doesn't happen.  Thankfully I eat mostly vegetables so anything I don't eat gets put in the compost. 

I've come up with a few tips and tricks along the way such as with ginger and garlic.  I buy them every few months and chop all the garlic and freeze it in a bag (yes it's plastic so I need to look at an alternative now).  Then whenever I have a recipe that needs garlic I just take it straight from the freezer.  I do the same with fresh chillies and ginger as I always seemed to be throwing them out.

Let me know in the comments what food you throw out the most?  Let's come up with some fab recipes that we can use for our leftovers.

Also have you tried making your own products as opposed to buying?  For example hummus is so easy and cheap to make at home.  Not only that but you are cutting down on the need for those plastic containers! There are hundreds of websites and millions of recipes online if you are stuck for ideas. 

*source: http://www.epa.ie/newsandevents/news/pressreleases2018/name,63589,en.html

9 September 2018

DIY Lavender Bath Salts

I don't know about you but I can definitely feel the chill in the air.  The fire has been lit and the candles too and long soaks in the bath are something I'm looking forward too.

If like me, you're a fan of baths but not so keen on all those chemical shop bought bath products have you ever thought about making your own?  

This is one of my favourites and all you need is some lavender from your garden and epsom salts (available to buy from pharmacies) 

It's perfect for Day 8 of my #30daysgreener challenge.  Let's look at all the 'chemicals' we are using in our bathrooms and try to replace at least some of them.  I'll be back with a more detailed post on this as I'm trying out alternatives with less packaging/chemicals but I still have a few to get.  In the meantime if you've made any swaps let me know in the comments.  Likewise, have you made your own DIY products, share them too or are there some you would like to make but don't know how?  

Pick your lavender on a dry day, pop in a paper bag in your airing cupboard and let it dry out for a few days. 

Gather up some empty jam jars or masonry jars to put your bath salts in.

If you have any old brown card or paper packaging in the recycling that can be used for tags.

Start by pouring your epsom salts into a bowl

Break off the lavender flower heads into the bowl (keep the stalks for lighting the fire)

Then pour your mixture into jars.

Using a piece of card or anything from your recycling, cut a rectangle shape

Then cut two triangles from each corner of the rectangle to create a tag shape

Punch a hole in the centre with a hole punch

Write whatever you want on the tag.  I wrote "lavender bath salts"

Now you need a ribbon.  Don't have any in your house?  No problem.  You do actually.  You have so much ribbon its ridiculous.  Go to your wardrobe and pull out a dress or top and see there , those annoying ribbons that keep sticking out when you wear that dress.  Snip it off!  Now you have a ribbon for your tag :0)

Attach ribbon to your tag and add a few sprigs of lavender.

Attach to your jar and voila - you're very own homemade bath salts. 

Just add a couple of handfuls to your bath and soak away your worries and woes whilst knowing you are not polluting the world with chemicals.  

If you make your own bath salts I'd love to see them.  Share your photos  on social media using  #30daysgreener 

For anyone who has just been sent this link I am doing a #30daysgreener challenge for the month of September.  (More deets in this post

8 September 2018

Blogging - is it all over?

Is blogging over?

Has it died a death or is it about to be resurrected?

I don't know the answer all I do know is that I've really missed my blog and for a long time have been planning content but for some reason keep putting it off.  I think it's the time factor.  We are so spoilt with Instagram (there are other social media platforms available) I'm also still banging on about moving from blogger to wordpress but keep putting it off.  I'm so worried I will lose everything.  Although, looking back on some of the content does that really matter?  Also, I just don't like wordpress.  I find it much more restrictive than blogger, especially when uploading photos.   If anyone has made the transition I'd love to hear from you?

Do you still read blogs?  I have to admit I only do on rare occasions but have been trying to make a conscious effort to get back to it.  I think the good thing with blogs is that you can cover more ground on a topic but also share more photos, especially of DIY's etc  

I also feel we are sharing so much valuable content on social media that is quite hard to reference back to, whereas with a blog you can do a really quick search for old content and tag it too.  I for one can take sometimes up to 20 photos for an Instagram post and only use one and the rest are just wasted.  I really try to re-use that content as I know it's classed as "evergreen" but I prefer to share fresh photos everytime I post, even if it creates more work.

So let me know what your thoughts are.

Have a great weekend!!

1 September 2018

Day 1 - 30 Days Greener - Be Mindful

I'm taking on a challenge #30daysgreener to do as much as I can to live a "greener" life, create less waste, use less plastic, use less chemicals etc

I'd love for you to join in.  

I've created a Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter account and am asking anyone who follows along to share what they do, what they think etc using the hashtag 


Today on Day 1 I'm asking you to be mindful ... be mindful of how much plastic you are using, how many chemicals are in your toiletries, cleaning fluids, how much rubbish you are generating etc

5 December 2017

Cork Reindeer - Day 5 Michelle Makes Christmas

So today I'm sharing this super cute little reindeer DIY.  

Advance warning - a drill and hacksaw are required so you may need to get some help with those.  PLEASE PLEASE be careful!

Also - save the wine for drinking AFTER this project not before or during.  

You have been warned

Now that all the serious stuff is out of the way, here's a full list of what you will need:

Old corks - 2 needed for each reindeer
Sticks from the garden - cut 4 equal lengths for the legs, 1 for the neck and two antlers.  Try to choose a branch with a V at the end for the antlers or you could make them out of pipe cleaners.
Red and Black 3d paint (or you could use normal acrylics)
A scissors
Drill with small wood drill bit

Here's the video showing you how to make it.

I hope you like them as much as me!

If you make them let me know.  Share on social media using the hashtag #michellemakeschristmas

Happy Making! 

4 December 2017

Doily Angel - Day 4 Michelle Makes Christmas

Day 4 of Michelle Makes Christmas and today it's all about angels.  One of my favourite things to make!  

I love these ones as they are super easy and super quick and look just gorgeous on your tree.

All you need is:

A wooden ball (preferably pre-drilled and painted)  I got mine in Sostrene Grene but I'm sure any craft/hobby shop will stock them.  I have in the past taken apart wooden beaded necklaces and painted the beads by hand.
Pipe Cleaners (I got my glittery ones in Sostrene Grene)
Paper Doilies
Wool for the Hair
String for hanging
Marker pens (or paints) for the face

So what are we waiting for?  Let's get making 

I'd love to see your angels.  If you make some, share them on social media using the hashtag #michellemakeschristmas

If you have any requests for DIY videos let me know.  Also, if you have any tips/suggestions on how to improve my videos I would GREATLY appreciate them as I'm just winging it at the mo.  I'm hoping that by Christmas I will have improved!

So far I've been using my Iphone and just using the Clips app on the phone to edit them (very basic).  I might try I Movie next as it seems to be popular.  

You can also find me here, come say hellp 


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