9 September 2018

DIY Lavender Bath Salts

I don't know about you but I can definitely feel the chill in the air.  The fire has been lit and the candles too and long soaks in the bath are something I'm looking forward too.

If like me, you're a fan of baths but not so keen on all those chemical shop bought bath products have you ever thought about making your own?  

This is one of my favourites and all you need is some lavender from your garden and epsom salts (available to buy from pharmacies) 

It's perfect for Day 8 of my #30daysgreener challenge.  Let's look at all the 'chemicals' we are using in our bathrooms and try to replace at least some of them.  I'll be back with a more detailed post on this as I'm trying out alternatives with less packaging/chemicals but I still have a few to get.  In the meantime if you've made any swaps let me know in the comments.  Likewise, have you made your own DIY products, share them too or are there some you would like to make but don't know how?  

Pick your lavender on a dry day, pop in a paper bag in your airing cupboard and let it dry out for a few days. 

Gather up some empty jam jars or masonry jars to put your bath salts in.

If you have any old brown card or paper packaging in the recycling that can be used for tags.

Start by pouring your epsom salts into a bowl

Break off the lavender flower heads into the bowl (keep the stalks for lighting the fire)

Then pour your mixture into jars.

Using a piece of card or anything from your recycling, cut a rectangle shape

Then cut two triangles from each corner of the rectangle to create a tag shape

Punch a hole in the centre with a hole punch

Write whatever you want on the tag.  I wrote "lavender bath salts"

Now you need a ribbon.  Don't have any in your house?  No problem.  You do actually.  You have so much ribbon its ridiculous.  Go to your wardrobe and pull out a dress or top and see there , those annoying ribbons that keep sticking out when you wear that dress.  Snip it off!  Now you have a ribbon for your tag :0)

Attach ribbon to your tag and add a few sprigs of lavender.

Attach to your jar and voila - you're very own homemade bath salts. 

Just add a couple of handfuls to your bath and soak away your worries and woes whilst knowing you are not polluting the world with chemicals.  

If you make your own bath salts I'd love to see them.  Share your photos  on social media using  #30daysgreener 

For anyone who has just been sent this link I am doing a #30daysgreener challenge for the month of September.  (More deets in this post


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