8 September 2018

Blogging - is it all over?

Is blogging over?

Has it died a death or is it about to be resurrected?

I don't know the answer all I do know is that I've really missed my blog and for a long time have been planning content but for some reason keep putting it off.  I think it's the time factor.  We are so spoilt with Instagram (there are other social media platforms available) I'm also still banging on about moving from blogger to wordpress but keep putting it off.  I'm so worried I will lose everything.  Although, looking back on some of the content does that really matter?  Also, I just don't like wordpress.  I find it much more restrictive than blogger, especially when uploading photos.   If anyone has made the transition I'd love to hear from you?

Do you still read blogs?  I have to admit I only do on rare occasions but have been trying to make a conscious effort to get back to it.  I think the good thing with blogs is that you can cover more ground on a topic but also share more photos, especially of DIY's etc  

I also feel we are sharing so much valuable content on social media that is quite hard to reference back to, whereas with a blog you can do a really quick search for old content and tag it too.  I for one can take sometimes up to 20 photos for an Instagram post and only use one and the rest are just wasted.  I really try to re-use that content as I know it's classed as "evergreen" but I prefer to share fresh photos everytime I post, even if it creates more work.

So let me know what your thoughts are.

Have a great weekend!!

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