4 December 2017

Doily Angel - Day 4 Michelle Makes Christmas

Day 4 of Michelle Makes Christmas and today it's all about angels.  One of my favourite things to make!  

I love these ones as they are super easy and super quick and look just gorgeous on your tree.

All you need is:

A wooden ball (preferably pre-drilled and painted)  I got mine in Sostrene Grene but I'm sure any craft/hobby shop will stock them.  I have in the past taken apart wooden beaded necklaces and painted the beads by hand.
Pipe Cleaners (I got my glittery ones in Sostrene Grene)
Paper Doilies
Wool for the Hair
String for hanging
Marker pens (or paints) for the face

So what are we waiting for?  Let's get making 

I'd love to see your angels.  If you make some, share them on social media using the hashtag #michellemakeschristmas

If you have any requests for DIY videos let me know.  Also, if you have any tips/suggestions on how to improve my videos I would GREATLY appreciate them as I'm just winging it at the mo.  I'm hoping that by Christmas I will have improved!

So far I've been using my Iphone and just using the Clips app on the phone to edit them (very basic).  I might try I Movie next as it seems to be popular.  

You can also find me here, come say hellp 


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