12 August 2016

I've moved

After  so many years here on Blogger I have made the move to wordpress.  

With great reluctance I might add. 

I can clearly remember the day I sat in my apartment in Manhattan and wrote my very first blog post here on the 5th January 2008.  Wow, so much has happened and so many dreams have been fulfilled since then.  

You will find me here  from now on at

w w w . m i c h e l l e m a d e t h i s . c o m

I'm not so keen on the 'look' of the blog over there but I'm working on it.  Any suggestions/resources you can recommend would be great. 

In the meantime you can also find me here ... 


I hope you pop over and say hello in my new abode.   Thank you for all the comments, likes etc over the last 8 years xx

Michelle xxx

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