1 November 2010

Man Lab

No wonder I'm getting nothing done lately, I seem to be watching too much tv!

Currently loving ...

The best thing about this is that I've started eating my dinner early because otherwise my mouth is watering and I have to wait and watch the repeat but that clashes with another fav...

I love this because of Claudia, it's as simple as that. 

I think she inspired my new hair cut too (pics to follow)

This is just genius.  I LOVE this show.  Afterall James has been my secret celeb crush (not so secret now).  I so want a train track running through the cottage!!  Not necessarily to deliver bananas but more like carry my threads and needles and paints, or whatever I'm doing at the time, from room to room.    If you missed it last night you can catch up on the BBC player here - doesn't work in Ireland though :O( 

On top of all that there's X Factor, Strictly, Come Dine with Me and then of course there's Kirstie to add to the list tomorrow night.  Perfect tv for these long dark nights :o)

OK I do feel guilty but I have given up the soaps and replaced them with swimming and walking so I think it's ok ... is it??)


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