24 September 2010

Da da!

Anyone know how you actually spell that??

What I'm trying to say is I finished the chair :o)

It's gone from this ...

to this ...

What a difference a bit of white paint makes!  That and a very quickly sewn up patchwork cushion made up of scraps of fabric leftover from my summer bags.

And the frame has gone from it's original nasty fake gold finish, originally seen here (God that was Feb 09, I told you I had a lot on my to do list!) to this fabulous pink blackboard ...

My to do list is increasing by the minute so this board is going to come in handy!

Yesterday, all within half an hour, I was talking to the RTE about a future programme, an Interiors magazine about future features and an Interiors shop about another project.  On top of that I've got briefs for assignments at college and homework to do so it's going to be another busy weekend!

Before all that I've got a few of my etchings in an art exhibition opening tonight so I think I deserve a couple of glasses of vino. 

If you're in Roscommon come along .... details below.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x


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