11 February 2009


This week I've been painting.

It started with a picture frame I bought in the sales.

Of course, I'm painting it white! 3 coats so far and I think it needs another one!!

The backing of the frame I painted with blackboard paint so when it's done I'll have a big blackboard for my craft room, well that's the plan.

While I had the blackboard paint I painted this, it used to be a mirror but clumsy me broke it (let's hope the 8 years bad luck is just a myth!).

Now it's my "In the garden" sign :o)

I finally had a go with etching spray I bought before Christmas aswell. I tried it out on a broken piece of glass to start with.

Love the effect. I'm now looking around the cottage thinking 'what next' ?

Whilst in the mood I painted a pic for my mum for mothers's day. Another Beatrix Potter painting.

She's already seen it though so I have to think of something new now.

I even painted my toe nails.

Do you think I've taken the painting thing a bit too far?

While I did all that Randy did what he does best ... he slept.


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