21 September 2010

Busy weekend

Hope you all had a lovely weekend
mine is a bit of a blur
from sewing to painting to baking yummy bread
I packed a lot in for sure.

I got all the aprons sewn up and they are being delivered tonight.

I gave my pyjama top/jacket another re-vamp. 

Added some buttons ... that you can just about see!

and a ribbon to the back

If you look closely you'll see it says Burberry and if you look closer you'll see fragrance!  How's that for thrifty :o)  I doubt anyone will notice, well apart from all of you who are reading this :o)

I made the most delicious brown bread, so delicious it was all eaten and I have nothing to show you.  I'll just have to make another one this week!

I also got a lot of painting done.  The chair is almost there!  I got a little distracted with painting pink black boards. 

Yes 'pink' blackboards, there is such a thing!!  (she says wearily after several discussions with various hardware shop owners who laughed at me when I asked if they stock it!).

Hopefully next weekend will be a little quieter, somehow I doubt it as I have two of these lovely pieces to revamp yet.

The plan is to join them together and make an island unit for my kitchen.  I'm totally torn with regards to painting it grey to match the kitchen or stripping it ... What do you think???


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