1 January 2010

New Year Knitting

While lots of you were out partying last night for the new year I was curled up by the fire trying out some new knitting patterns for Spring. 

Yes you heard right. 

Christmas is barely over and I'm already thinking about Spring.  I'm hoping to have another Country Cottage Craft sale and I don't want to be as stressed as I was for the Christmas one so I'm starting early.  See ... there really is method in my madness, well sometimes.

Miranda was fresh on my mind so I made a little brooch as a keepsake ....

Speaking of which ... this is the bruise on my leg after battling it out with the badger the other night!!

I also made a slightly larger version of the chook and stuffed it. I think I'll make these for easter as they are just the right size for a cadburys' easter egg.

After much testing I have come up with a super easy pattern for the chooks.  I'll put together a tutorial and share with you soon.

Before the big knitathon last night I discovered a fab new pasta recipe.  The fridge was looking pretty unappealing and all I seemed to have was sausages so this is what I came up with. 

*** Rigatoni Ragu ***

Here's the recipe if you fancy trying it too.



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