30 December 2009

Bad Badger!!

I've been full of New Year optimism this week but that has been tarnished a little after yesterday.  

My lovely Miranda was taken by a nasty badger yesterday evening. 

The only good thing was that I managed to get rid of the badger mid-attack and save my other girls.

I thought it had taken 3 of my girls as only Charlotte was left.  I was out in the lashing rain walking the field looking for the others but to no avail. 

Needless to say I had a very sleepless night! 

I'm delighted to say that someone was looking over them as Carrie & Samantha woke me up this morning clucking away outside my bedroom window.  

They are all a little shaken up and didn't stir from the coup for most of the day but at least they are all together and safely locked up for the night.

Hopefully the badger won't be back.

So much for me keeping an eye out for foxes.  Apparently badgers are not known to kill chickens but I caught it mid act so I can confirm they do.  So for all you chicken owners out there make sure they are locked up safely.


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