10 January 2012

A Greengate summer

Summer is on the way .... well the Greengate Summer catalogue is out so it can't be that far away :O)  

I can't say I was jumping head over heels when I opened it but maybe that's because I've seen so much of it in blogland in the last couple of years.  However, despite that it's still really pretty to look through.  You can see the full catalogue here and all the images below are from that link.

I love the car and caravan above. I know I've been lusting after my beloved Nissan Figaro for years but I'd be quite happy with one of these.

I love the floral and gingham mix that's going on.  I've already had my fabric statsh out matching ginghams and prints for some new bags and cushions that I've been busy sketching. 

I really like this bike applique cushion.  Probably because it reminds me of my Grandad's bike outside the cottage.  I might have to make my own version.  Another one to add to my ever expanding list!!  Honestly, sometimes I think I should just give up on blogs and pinterest and all the rest because I'm pretty sure in my lifetime I will never get through all the tutorials and sketches and to do lists I have !!  But it's great to get the creative juices flowing so fear not pinterest and blogland I'm not going anywhere.

Finally I'm LOVING the gingham bow.  I'm really into bows.  Not sure I'd be brave enough for this look but I might just try it.  Afterall I went out with pigtails the other day!

So there you go.  A little Greengate summer injection for you all. 

I'm dying to get out in the garden this year.  It was very neglected last year as I was busy with the knitting world record but I'm determined to get lots done this year (famous last words!).

Anyone got any recommendations for some cottage flowers (easy to grow!) ???


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