26 October 2011

On telly

Sorry for the lack of posts but I was back on telly this week and had lots to prepare for with that and all my workshops.  I was also interviewed by a local paper, will share that with you tomorrow though.

Here's a few pics from my slot on RTE's Four Live show (it's an Irish show on live at 4pm in the afternoons).  Unfortunately due to licensing restrictions some of you outside of Ireland may not be able to view the programme but for those of you that are it can be seen online here.

Luckily I got a few pics for the rest of you :O)

These are my lovely models
Amy (modelling the owl costume I made)
 Connor (modelling the Harry Potter outfit)
and Saoirse modelling the spider outfit.

Connor really got into character, he was great fun.

This is me demonstrating how to make Harry Potter glasses out of wire!

Unfortunately Amy got a little camera shy but she was soooo cute in the owl costume. 

This is Maura, the presenter of the show, modelling the owl mask I made and demonstrated (below)

So that was yesterday.

Today I've been training a group of people how to use facebook, I've been cleaning the cottage and now I've got to get me wellies on and clean out the chicken coop.  

Never a dull moment! 

Are you dressing up for Halloween?  If so share a link - would love to see your costumes.  


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