1 October 2011

Freya & Fred (Book Giveaway)

First of all I have to say I'm totally devastated. I just spent half an hour writing a blog post about this giveaway and when I went to post it I lost it all. This is the third time blogger has done this recently :o(

I know I've teased you about this and I had hoped to post this yesterday but time just ran away with me.

Here it is

Freya & Fred

written by the lovely Janet Clare

One of the loveliest, cutest, sweetest most adorable sewing books I've ever seen. It's like a childs story book but for an adult - if that makes sense? I feel like I could get away with reading it to one of my friends kids and pointing at the pictures and they would get as much enjoyment out of it as me.

The book  centres around Freya and Fred (above). 
The idea is you use them as templates for applique and embroidery projects on your quilts, or whatever you wish. 

Janet has drawn out lovely simple patterns throughout the book.  Not only that but she has provided simple step by step instructions, accompanied by photographs, on how to applique and how to embroider.  

What can I say that her sons Joe and Henry havent ....

This is a beautiful book. 

You know you want it.

And as luck would have it I have a copy to giveaway.

If you can't wait and want your own copy now you can purchase it from Janet's etsy shop here.  The book is only available there.

If you want to win a copy
Just leave a comment below this post
I don't mind if you follow my blog or not (although it would be nice). 
Just share a link to this giveaway and support a fellow blogger. 

I will draw the winner on Monday 10th October.

In the meantime have a lovely weekend.  I have a few posts ready for next week.  I've been busy working on some commissions, one for a celebrity chef!  I've also been busy with my workshops and making plans for an open day at my cottage - all will be revealed.


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