28 September 2011

A lick of paint does wonders!

Remember these? I got them from my Dad's cousin Matt (thanks Matt!!!)

They were in his shed with all his carpentry bits and pieces.  I had asked Matt to keep an eye out for something similar for me to make a kitchen island and a few days later he arrived at my house with them.  I'm ashamed to say they have sat in my shed since then. 

I removed the top part, sanded them down, joined them together and covered the top with some oil cloth.  The plan is to eventually get a nice wooden piece on top or a piece of glass , not quite decided just yet.

It's great to have all the extra cupboard space and they are also the perfect height for baking compared to the table I previously had.

What do you think?
However, I finally got round to painting them a few weeks ago.  


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