22 August 2011

Boot sale finds

Nothing like a browse around a boot fair on a Sunday morning :o) 

Alas we don't have as much choice in Ireland as in London. 
I remember meeting my aunt for coffee on a Saturday and we would discuss which one we'd go to the following morning, I think we sometimes managed to get two or three in !    Here though, I have no choice, I only know of one that's near to me, and that is nearly a 50 minute drive away. 

However, it's worth it. 

Especially when I come home with these lovelies. 

Mickey & Minnie Mouse were a steal at 1 euro -
and that was for the pair, not each :O)

Then there's this ...

I've been looking for one of these machines for ages.  I wanted a manual one in particular as it's really good for sewing bags and at last I've got one.

I love this box that came with it too ... full of some rather strange contraptions but hopefully google will help me out :O)

However, it has been left in a shed so it needs a LOT of tlc and maybe even new parts.

I hope I get it working.

Oh well if not, it's just lovely to look at and nice to see it on the Singer table which was originally my Nan's who lived in the very cottage I am in now.

 Anyone else got any boot sale bargains from the weekend? 

I got a few more bits too but can't share just yet as they are being made into christmas prezzies :O)

One last thing ..... comments

Is anyone else having probs leaving comments on blogs?  I can't seem to leave any comments.  When I do I get a new window pop up asking for my login details and when I login it says I don't have access to leave a comment - this has happened on blogs I previously had no probs commenting on and new ones.  It's so frustrating?? 


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