26 August 2011

Pencil Rolls

Remember these?

I remember my mum making one for me when I started in 'big school'. 

She got the pattern originally from Womans Weekly

(have I mentioned that is my new fav mag? well it is)

The most fun bit of this blog post was sharpening all my pencils so they looked nice in the photos.  Gosh I can't tell you how long it is since I sharpened a whole set of colouring pencils, I highly recommend it.  There's something very therapeutic about it.

I think this might have been one of the things that paved the way to my craftaholicism :O) Well that and Tony Hart and Blue Peter.
I digress ... as always!
So ... a few (yes ok more than a few) years later here's one of my pencil rolls.  I can't tell you how many of these I have made over the years as gifts and for craft fairs. 


They are super super easy to make!

  1. Simply grab yourself a rectangle of fabric (length is determined by how many pencils you have)
  2. Lay the pencils along the top of the fabric and fold up the bottom part, this makes the pocket.
  3. Mark between each pencil where you need to sew.
  4. Sew along the pencil lines and add hem the two sides to finish it.
  5. Finally use a piece of ribbon or twine to tie.
TOP TIP - use gingham or fabric with a check and just use the lines to sew along.  I know - I'm a genius :O)


Right I better go and get a few more of these babies made as the orders are rolling in (get it - rolling ha! ha!) 

Have a fab weekend everyone and good luck to all of you sending off your precious little pumpkins to school in the next couple of weeks.


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