17 August 2011

Try something new

For a while now I've wanted to try this

but kept putting it off

Then one day I just decided

today's the day

and now I just can't get enough!

This is my first attempt at freehand machine embroidery

I didn't draw a picture, or have one in my mind, so I'm thrilled with how it turned out. 

Then I got a bit cocky and tried writing with the machine ...

hmm ... a little practice needed here I think.


You've so got to try it !  It's so much fun.

I can totally see what Kirstie Allsop meant on her show "Kirsties' Homemade Home"  when she described this technique as "the crack cocaine of craft". 

So - how do I do it?  I hear you all ask

Well, here you go ...

The good news is you do not need a specialist embroidery sewing machine,
a normal machine will do (as long as it allows you to drop the feed dog - check your manual). 
You also need a darning foot. 
An embroidery hoop is optional, I didn't use one for the images above.

Simply drop the feed dog on your machine, add the darning foot and away you go. 
You basically draw a picture with your needle.

If you google machine embroidery or check out you tube you will find tonnes of info on this technique.

Have fun! 

Be warned, it's addictive!


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