4 July 2011

Thrifty gardening

Like many of us I'm watching the pennies not only with shopping and crafting but in the garden too.

As you seen in my last post I've been using alternative pots for some of my plants and I found some more today.

I found this kettle out in the yard and thought "I have something that will look perfect in that" and ta dah!  I think it works.

The polka dot cushion in the background was made from a pair of pyjamas I bought in Penneys :O) (details on how I made it here) and the magazine on the chair is Prudence, an Irish magazine for 'prudent' readers.  Full of lots of articles about being prudent and savvy shopping.  It's bi-monthly and a real good read at a real good price.

Then I found an old cattle feeder (which I'm hoping my Dad hasn't noticed is missing!) and thought it would look great out the front of the cottage.

So I filled it with lobelia, geraniums and some of my stock, dahlia and cornflower seedlings.  It may not look so good now but in a few days I know it will be blooming.

I've got a few other items lined up which I'll share with you later. 

What thrifty things have you been doing in the garden?  I've invested in some root powder and am taking lots of clippings too.  Some successful, some not so much.

Happy gardening!


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