16 July 2011

Tea Cosy is complete!

The tea cosy is complete! Well almost. I'm not too keen on the rose on top. I'm making some little flowers instead.

I'm super happy with it considering it's my first chart design (aside from lettering).


I've been bursting with ideas and sketching like crazy in kids sum copy books. You know the ones all done out like graph paper with lots of squares. They are perfect for drawing out designs. I've also been doing some in excel, which to be honest is much much quicker!

I've got to tweak this pattern slightly as there are a few things I don't like i.e. the handle of the cup.  I think I'll just stitch that on after and the bottom band I think I'll make that thicker.  I'm also trying to do a scalloped edge ... trying!  As soon as I'm happy with it I'll be offering a free copy to a luck blog reader before putting it up on etsy for sale. I've also designed one with a cupcake and am currently working on a duck and chicken motif. 


What do you think?  Any suggestions?

I'm not even a tea drinker but I do find that when friends come round the tea goes cold and I end up throwing it away.  I'll have to design one next for my cafetiere!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend x


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