9 June 2011

Yes I can!

I've been hit with a bug
well actually two
One I'm not happy with
The other woooo hoooo!

My nose is all blocked
I've not tasted food for 6 days :o(
but my head is just buzzing
in so many ways

I've been sketching and sewing
and knitting too
the ideas are just overflowing
wooooo hooooo hoooo hoooo!!

I've had meetings and talks
about all of my plans
I'm repeating my mantra daily 

Because of this I'm way behind on my blogposts.  I have so many pics from the Wool Craft Village from the Roscommon Lamb Festival and Kilkenny Sheep Shearing.  I promise to upload them soon!  In the meantime here are some of the applique canvases I've been working on which, as of this morning, are now on sale in the lovely Comfy Cafe in Roscommon.

It's my birthday tomorrow and I've got lunches, drinks and a day at the races planned so I'll catch up with you next week.  Have a fab weekend, I hope the sun shines !!!

In the meantime if you're in Roscommon on Saturday me and the ladies in my knitting group, The Cast Offs, will be meeting up for our annual PicKnit in the grounds of Roscommon Castle to celebrate World Wide Knit In Public Day. We'd love to see you there :O) We'll be there from 11.30 am and if for some reason the sun isn't shining (but I'm sure it will be) we'll meet in Gleesons Townhouse in the Square.

Happy weekend everyone!!


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