26 April 2011

1000 Knitters Wanted!

Theres's just a few days to go
until the big event
and I'm telling you now
1000 knitters are wanted!

We want them all
to gather in Roscommon
On Saturday afternoon
at half past eleven

If you haven't registerd
just go online
follow this link
there's still time!

Come along
and be part of the knitting
help spread the word
and keeeeeeep stitching !!!!

If you're new to the blog I'm organising a knitting world record attempt on Saturday 30th April in Roscsommon town (Ireland) as part of the Roscommon Lamb Festival.  We are attempting to break the record for the largest group of knitters, knitting simultaenously at one time for 15 minutes.  Find more info and a registration form on the Roscommon Lamb Festival website  here.


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