6 January 2011

Wishing time away ...

So all the decs are down and packed away and up in the loft.  I've numbered all the boxes and written down what and where in the loft they are on my calendar so come next Christmas I'll know exactly where they all are. 

Most people are surprised by this but I LOVE taking down the decorations.  It might be because I put them up so early and I've kinda had enough of them but also because I love January and the whole starting on a clean page.  I'm still sorting things and having a massive tidy up in the craft room (wait until you see what I've done!) so that when it's all done I can finally sit down and complete my vision board for 2011.  It's currently a large white A1 sheet staring at me on the kitchen table.

In the meantime I'm wishing time away ... I know it's not a good thing but I wish it was Spring!

I can't wait for these hyacinths to come through and get that gorgeous smell every time I walk by them

and I can't wait to pick my own tulips from the garden but for now these ones are brightening the kitchen up.

In fact I can't wait to get out in the garden and spend time out there as opposed to running out to the chooks to feed them and run back in because it's so blinking cold!

Come on Spring, hurry up and come with some sunshine and oodles of positivity and optimism we've had enough cold and gloominess!!


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