10 January 2011

Fab Find

I came across this gorgeous blog over Christmas and have since spent days trying to find it! I follow way too many blogs it seems.  I'm trying to sort them and put them in categories but it's proving to be very time consuming, something I don't have much of now that I'm back at college.

I digress.

Here's a few images from the fabulous Dorothea, a Norwegian shop selling all sorts of gorgeousness.

 I think the last three are of wallpaper. I'm not entirely sure as my google translate won't translate some of the links.  Anyone out there speak Norwegian??  It doesn't really matter as the pictures speak a thousand words.  Well two at least ... buy me!

Ok I'm off to see if they ship to Ireland.
Failing that I see a possible trip to Norway.

Hope you're all having a good Monday x


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