5 January 2011

3 today!

Happy Birthday michellemadethis.blogspot
Happy Birthday to you
A big 3 today
Whoooopy doooo !

In keeping with tradition michellemadethis is having a blog revamp so bear with me everyone whilst "work is in progress" and I get the hang of the new blogger templates :O)

Once it's all done I can catch up with you properly. 

Have you made any new year resolutions, how are they going?  Mine are to give up the three big 'C's in my life - cheese, chocolate and crisps.  As I type this I am thinking I would love some cheese and biscuits, crisps and  chocolate!!  Hmmm of course my resolutions are going really well ...

My vision board is still a large blank white sheet of A1 card on my dining table.  Every time I plan to do it someone calls or something interrupts me so I must aim to get that done this week before I go back to college!!

The craft room, as per usual, looks like a bomb has gone off but I'm spending a few hours every day in there sorting, tidying and trying, I'm really really trying, to get rid of anything I'm not using.  It's not easy!

Let me know what you think of the new look? 


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