14 January 2011

My craft room is complete

At last!

After living here for how many years, I think it might be 3!!  I've finally got a proper craft room.  No more cluttering up the kitchen table and being up all night tidying when guests are coming (hmm we'll have to see about that).  Mind you I had to give up my lovely bedroom for it, but it's oh so worth it.

So come on through and let me give you the guided tour ...

As you walk in on the right there's just some of my trimmings hanging on the curtain rail, as opposed to hidden in boxes.  At least this way I can see what I have and more importantly stop me from buying duplicates. (Of course I mean that ... ;o)

There's also some of my felt collection in this lantern (I say some as there are still a couple of boxes of fabric remnants to go through).  A selection of my most used knitting needles are on display in an old teapot.  Underneath that is a glass fronted cupboard with a selection of my fabrics where again, I can 'see' them.

Moving to your left is another lantern.  This one is full of any scraps of fabric that I use for making collage pictures, corsages, small hand sewn projects.  It's sitting on my granny's original sewing machine table with a pile of magazines underneath.

Beside the table is a pull out bed (the big red foot stool).  This is where I sit and catch up on magazines and/or do some hand sewing.

Moving to your left there's a large wardrobe (which you can't see in this pic) which is FULL of more material (but too messy at the mo to show you).  The chest of drawers are full also of sewing notions and even more material. On top of them sits my sewing machines and above them my notice board ... due a serious tidy up it appears. 

Moving to your left is my fav corner of the room with my squishy armchair by the book case.  I've been sitting here catching up on all my crafty books which I've missed as they've been in storage for the past few months.

And finally the table where it all happens.  Currently there's a lot of college assignment work being done here but it's perfect for my sewing and crafts as it's in the centre of the room near all my supplies.

So there you got.  Hope you enjoyed your little tour.  Has anyone else been getting their craft room sorted for the new year?  If so I'd love to see, leave a comment with a link to your blog :O)

I've still got a few things to add but have been busy sorting in my kitchen after getting some more shelves and cupboards put up at the weekend. Yes of course I'll be sharing pics with you soon.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x


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