8 November 2010

Flower Corsage Tutorial

As promised, here's a little tutorial on how to make the corsage I showed when I was on Four Live last week.
Start by cutting out 7 'u shaped' pieces of fabric (I used scraps from an old blanket, use anything you want, felt or wool are particularly good for this type of corsage)

Take one of the petals and using your fingers squeeze the bottom part together and stitch together with a couple of stitches

Without cutting the thread, take another petal and stitch the bottom part in the same way as above

 Continue until all pieces are stitched together (see below).
Pull the thread tightly and if it still feels loose add a few more stitches to secure.

Turn the brooch over and sew on a button.  (Note - you can use either side of the corsage, I like both)

Cut another piece of fabric into a small circular shape (use the top off a bottle as a template or a coin).

Stitch this to the back of the corsage and glue a brooch fitting onto this.

Voila - a lovely corsage to pin on your cardi, your coat, your hat, your jacket, a cushion .......... ok you get the picture :o)  



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