1 September 2010

Exciting times

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the spare room makeover.  Can you beleive it's had another makeover since!  I had a friend staying this weekend and I thought it needed to be a bit more adult-like.

I've been mega busy the past few weeks with all my visitors at the cottage and last weekend I threw a surprise party for my mum's 60th so I'm really only getting back on track now.   I've got some super exciting things in the pipeline but can't tell you about them just yet!  Sorry, but I've learned the hard way with blogging, not to give too much away in the early stages.  You know I'm bursting to tell you all though, but I will ... soon.  All I can say is that one of these things appeared on my vision board ... speaking of which I've achieved most of what I put on my vision board for this year already!

In the meantime the cottage is keeping tidy and the sun is beaming in the windows which is just bliss.  I thought I'd share a few pics with you ... before it gets all messy again :o)  I'm adamant that it will stay like this but as I go back to college shortly and my countdown to christmas speeds up it may not stay quite so tidy.

Hope you're all having a good week!


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