18 August 2010

I did it!!!

Remember this room ... I think I've shared various pictures of it (the most recent below) over the last year and posted about my vain attempts and getting it tidy and sorting all my craft stuff once and for all ...

Well I finally did it.  I took almost two weeks, seriously!  It was that painful!  Rather than just tidy it I decided to go through every single piece of material, paper, card, every ball of wool, every spool of thread etc etc and have a complete clearout.  I can't possibly imagine some of the lovely things I gave to charity but sometimes one just has to do these things, it was either that or go mad as it was really getting on top of me, physically and mentally :o)

So drum roll please .... yes this is the same room!

Where to buy:  The gingham owl is from a gorgeous local shop Town & Country , the curtains were from IKEA, the green throw was a steal at 3 euro from PenneysThe cabinet was free ... it was left in a field in a car boot sale and came home with me.  All the other toys and enid blyton books were bought in various local charity shops.  The bunting I made myself.  The painting was from Texas (can't find a link for their store).

The reason for the child-like decor is that my friends were here last week with their children and this is where they were sleeping.

Finally the door also opens fully

as opposed to before ...

I was planning on making it into my sewing/craft room but it's so lovely and tidy I can't bear to bring anything back into it.

And I know you're all wondering where all that stuff went aren't you?  Well all the wrapping paper went in the large trunk at the bottom in the pic above.  All my card making supplies, well half of them went in the second suit case and the wooden case at the top is full of all my cards that are made up and for sale.   The wardrobe is full of material and all the wool is in container boxes in the shed .. for now.  The rest of it was either thrown or organised into boxes here in my little craft corner in the kitchen ...

Where to buy - The boxes above were a steal in a  Meadows & Byrne sale, the jars are just jam jars I've been collecting and I paint the lids white.

Where to buy - The super cute labels were a free sample I got at the Country Living Spring Show and you can buy them here.  The tins below I bought in a cheapy shop locally.

It's so great to have everything so organised and to know where everything is :o


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