29 August 2010

The colour red

As you can tell from my blog header, and a lot of the things I make, one of my favourite colour combinations is red and white.  

For the summer you don't see much of it in the cottage though as I try to keep things very neutral with lots of creams and beiges but as soon as I start to think of Christmas little bits of red start to appear here and there.  And with only 118 days to go until the big C it's starting to appear rather a lot.

Even the outside of the cottage has had a splash of it (pic above). I think it's a definite improvement on the green that was there before ...

Inside the cottage my chairs had a makeover too.  You've seen these chairs a lot on here, if you ever see them in a shop or boot fair you really should buy them as they are so easy to re-cover!

Simply cut out a square of material slightly larger than the seatpad and if it's a permanent feature you can staple it to the seat pad or, if like me, you like to chop and change just tuck it in tightly before re-inserting the seatpad

and voila ... a whole new look !

This is a close up of the chicken printed fabric I used. 

I now have a lovely new chair to sit at and do my sewing.

Obviously after all that one deserves to sit in the sunshine with a cuppa and a magazine ...

 And what better magazine than Red If you like red and white too you should also check out this months Homes & Antiques.

And if you're a bit nerdy like me and fancy knowing some facts about the colour red check this out.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.  I'm off to a boot fair now :o)


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