15 September 2010

Because I'm worth it

Whilst wandering aimlessly around Tescos trying to decide what to have for tea I finally, after filling my basket with magazines and flour and basically everything I didn't go into Tescos for in the first place, decided on fish pie.

Off I pop to the fish section only to be reminded of the last time I made fish pie subseuquently thinking it's not worth all that effort and heading off towards the next aisle. The 'ready meals' aisle. I hate this aisle, it makes me miserable and funny enough I only ever go to it when I am miserable and  can't be bothered cooking. Of course it jolted me into action and off I returned to the fish section.  

So ....

three saucepans
  • one colander
  • two whisks
  • one spatula
  • one bowl
  • one cheese grater
  • one knife
  • two spoons
  • one masher
  • one jug
  • one weighing scales
 and two hours later

Dinner for one
vino for one
followed by curling up on the sofa with a movie of my choice.

Because I'm worth it :o)


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