12 April 2010

Hello Summer Sunshine!

What a lovely weekend!

The sun was shining
the birds were singing
I spent my days
in the garden digging,
 picking stones, pulling weeds
and planting out lots of seeds

Sorry about the rhymes - not sure where they are coming from? 

I had hoped to upload a cute little video I took Saturday morning but can't get it to work - has anyone any suggestions on how to do that?  I then tried to upload it to my facebook page (michellemadethis) but that didn't work either.  So annoying.  It was lovely as Samantha (one of the girls) joined me and did a bit of her own digging and you could hear all the birds singing in the background.  I'll keep trying.

After all that I had a few minutes on the hammock ...

a few hours later a cold beer ..

whilst watching the sun go down.

All in all a pretty perfect weekend.


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