28 February 2010

Snowy Sunny Sunday

No I'm not drinking whilst blogging. That is what my Sunday has been like. 

I got up this morning, pulled the curtains and it was snowing!  Of course I rubbed my eyes thinking I must still be half asleep.  I opened the front door and this is what I saw ..

I then went to let the girls out.  To say they were hesitant was an understatement.  I had to lure them out with their food - they really do not like the snow.

So where's the sun I hear you asking?  I'm getting to that.

I took a mad notion this afternoon and my mum and I drove to Sligo just to go for a walk on the beach.  Ok ok, there was method in my madness.  We stopped off at Vobe on the way where I bought these lovelies ...

Then we headed for the beach.  

Ok we stopped for coffee and cake en route.  

Then we headed for the beach.

We had to walk by TK Maxx on our way back to the car so we kind of felt obliged to go in.  Yes, of course I bought something.  I can only show you one item though as the others are for Easter.  I got this lovely bird cage ... have a few ideas for it so you should be seeing it again soon.

Finally we did get to the beach which was just bliss.  


These were taken at Rosses Point beach 



I have loads more but blogger won't let me upload them :o(
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside :o)

In fact I wish I lived by the seaside so I could do this more often.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend x


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