25 February 2010

Julie & Julia

Have you seen it?

No - well go out and rent/buy it !! 

Yes - isn't it just fab!? :o) 

Well apart from Meryl Streep's incredibly annoying accent.  What was the reason for it, does anyone know, afterall she was playing an american??  

Click here to see the trailer. 

Regardless of whether or not you like cooking this movie is lovely if you have a blog.  (Click here for Julie Powell's real life blog).  It makes you think that you're not the only one who 'thinks like that'.  I particularly love it when after a fight Julie's hubby storms out and says something along the lines of "don't post about this fight on your blog".  That really made me smile as I do feel like my life sometimes revolves around my blog!!  Luckily I'm not in a relationship so there's no-one to argue with/blog about but I certainly manager to blog about everything else in my life. 


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