24 February 2010


First of all, thank you so much for all the lovely emails and comments regarding my last post.  I didn't feel much like smiling after the weekend but various things have happened since to put a smile on my face, all of which I know Bridie would have loved too.

First of all I won a giveaway.  I won this gorgeous print by Janet. I can't wait for her to arrive, I think she's gorgeous.   Thank you so much Janet xx


I also finished knitting this little lady.

She was so quick to knit.  I only started her on Tuesday at the knitting group, and finished her Saturday night.  


She was knit up based on a few different patterns including this one by Amy Gaines.

Finally ... I think I'm saving the best for last. 

My kitchen has been fitted !!!  

This is a sneak peak as I'm afraid it was left in a heap this week and I only got round to tidying it this evening.  As you can see from the drawer on the left I've already started to paint it. 

I've decided to go for grey like the doors.  However, after the test patch below I've decided to go for a much lighter colour as the one for the doors is just a bit too dark.  I hope it comes out ok.  

Hopefully it will all be done tomorrow and I can show it to you all finished.  

Hopefully :o)


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