6 February 2010

Love is all around

I've been sitting at my laptop since 9.30 this morning working on a Bullying assignment.  Not sure what that has to do with an Art & Craft course, all I know is it's due in next week so I've got to get it finished. 
As I'm now on my 'lunch break' I thought I would update my blog.  Hmm, seemed like a good idea at 12.45 .... but over an hour later I'm now itching to get crafting and very tempted to do some online shopping. I'm also being lured in by my google reader which is just bursting with updates from all the lovely blogs I follow.  I daren't look at them though, otherwise I'll be here until all hours! Hopefully I will have tomorrow to catch up, guilt free, when my assignment is complete.

With Valentines just around the corner the internet is full of lots of lovey doviness so I thought i'd share some of the lovely things I've come across ...

Magnetic notice board from green and co

Love print from caroline mcgrath

heart chopping board from here

wooden hearts from molly cupcakes

love and happiness ribbon from here  I think I love the spools more than the ribbon though.


 gorgeous woven heart ribbons from creative flourish 

This is only a tiny tiny collection of the things I've found ... more to come soon. 

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.  Got to get back to my assignment :o(


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