22 January 2010

Summer Sunshine

I've put my order in for Tilda's summer ideas book, can't wait for it to arrive.

She has a new Spring range of papers and fabrics out too.  Here's a few pics to get your Tilda tastebuds going ...

These magazine files are just adorable ... so much nicer than my battered ikea ones.

  I love these bird houses too, even if they are completley impractical for Irish weather :o) 

 Wouldn't you just love to receive prezzis wrapped like this.  Roughly translated "I'd love to receive prezzis wrapped like these" ... hint hint my birthday is in June :o)

I know my friend Jenny would love these tins as they are very Greengate-like.

Anyways if you like any of the above you are just going to love the whole range over at Panduro.  Don't forget to grab a coffee before you head over ... you might be there a while :o)

All we need now is some summer sunshine ....


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