28 July 2013

A day shearing sheep

Still going backwards with my posts everyone as I had to wait until I got my new laptop. 

Have been dying to share all these pics from my day sheep shearing with me most wonderful friend Lucy Lu who was visiting from London, my boyfriend Donie and my new friends Rachel and Jubal from Maine.

Rachel is a fibre artist and has a fabulous Facebook page called 44 Clovers.  She and her husband spent their honeymoon here in Ireland and luck for me Rachel found me online and came to Roscommon to meet me at the Roscommon Lamb Festival and it was there that our friendship begun.  When Rachel casually asked if I knew where she could learn some shearing I told her she had struck gold as my boyfriend had a few hundred sheep and once hired himself out as a shearer :O) 

So a date was arranged and we had a fibre filled fun day shearing sheep. 

Jubal, Rachel and Lucy 

Lucy totally rocking the overalls :O)

Once everyone, well a couple of us, were kitted out in overalls Donie gave us a demo and talked us through the whole process.  Of course he made it look VERY easy!

Rachel was the first to volunteer, much more eager than the rest of us I might say :O)  She didn't have any fear and got stuck in. 

Jubal was on standby with a helping hand as those sheep are frisky little things!

Next up was Jubal and I have to say he was a natural!  He took like it to a duck to water and I think Donie might be interested in having him around same time next year.  You have been warned Jubal :O) 

Then it was me and Lucy's turn. I think we were a little scared of the sheep moving around so much, well I was!  I think it's safe to say that I won't be needed next year ... I'll stick to preparing lunch :O) 

Rachel took some fleece back to the states with her and I believe she has already spun and created yarn from it so I might see if she would do a guest post on the blog for us :O) 

Overall it was a great day with great friends - who knew I would be saying that about shearing sheep!

Has anyone else tried shearing sheep??

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