1 October 2012

London baby!

Here's the latest addition to the cottage ... More wallpaper. A bit of a move away from my floral addiction. This time I've gone for a London themed paper.

It was a birthday present from my mum in June. I saw it in a magazine and totally fell in love with it and had great plans to have it up on the wall and host a jubilee party but that fell through, then I thought I would have it up by the 10th for my birthday but that didn't happen either, them I thought I will defo have it up for the Olympics but yeah, you guessed it that did.t happen either. In the end it was only put up a couple of weeks ago, better late than never.

The wall was very bare to start with, just plain white.

But after a couple of hours my whizz of a wallpapering mum had it transformed. All I had to do was add the finishing touches.

Yes I'm thinking just what you are .... A big bright red smug fridge would look just lovely there :)

I love it!! Especially the bright red post boxes. I have so many fond memories of London. I did after all live there half my life. I miss it terribly, my friends, the shops, the food, the energy and all the things I've listed before which I have to not think about now or I'll be London sick for the rest of the day :0). Not to worry a winning lottery ticket is just waiting for me to purchase it so one day I will have a little place of my own there.

For now I sign off with lots of fond memories of London swirling round my head.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, what did you all get up to?

M x


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