10 September 2012

Shortlisted for Blog Award!!

I'm SUPER excited!!


First of all I was excited just with the fact that I had been nominated for an award.

But then ....

I found out I had been

S H O R T   L I S T E D

Beyond happy peeps - thank you so much xxx

I defo recommend checking out the Blog Awards Ireland website not only to see little old me appearing on the shortlist but to see all the fabulous Irish blogs we have.  

OMG Did I mention how excited I am ???

I'm having a Rosie moment!!

Thank you so much to all you lovely peeps that voted for me.  

I am smiling from ear to ear here and just giddy with pride over my little blog :O) 


  1. Hi Michelle,Congratulations on the award,I love your blog! Its the first time Ive come across Sophie and Rosie and just watched the video,SO CUTE! Xxxx

    1. Thank you xxx Aren't they just adorable. Whenever I am having a bit of a gloomy day I just watch one of their you tube vids :O)

  2. Congratulations! Well done and well deserved, I love reading your blog. All the best,


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