29 June 2012

Pretty pink peonies

Peonies have got o be my favourite flowers ever. I couldn't believe it when I walked into Lidl and found these beauties.

They have certainly cheered up my kitchen all week. Well needed as it's been so grey and dull. If you follow my blog you will know I don't mind the rain as I find I am much more productive in this weather but I have to say it's got to me this week. Not so much the rain though, more the fact that everyone is constantly moaning about it. This happens every year, surely we should be used to it by now?

I recommend you all go out and get yourselves some pretty pink peonies to brighten up these dull grey days :)

And to make them even prettier head to Ikea for one of these gorgeous lace effect vases. I LOVE them, best of all they cost less than 3 euro!!

I have another blog post waiting to wing it's way to you. A new make that I'm totally smitten with. Here's a sneak peak . . .

Have a great weekend peeps x x x


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