27 June 2012

Gone caravanning

I bloody wish!

How adorable is it though. You can see more images here

Now might be the time to tell you I got a caravan - wooooooo hoooooooooo!!!  I've always wanted one and it was on my vision board for this year (more proof that they work) and if you follow me on Pinterest you may have seen a few of them appearing on my boards :O)

There's a bit of work yet to do on it before I give you the big reveal and I certainly can't share a pic now after sharing this polkadot beauty!!  I'm SO SO SO tempted to adorn mine in polka dots but my boyfriend isn't so keen.  I did suggest maybe just the bunting but he doesn't seem too keen on that either.  Hmmm .... the bunting or the boyfriend - decisions eh?  Only joking my lovely xx Not that he reads my blog but just in case!!

Of course I can't stop at one polka dot caravan there's always more ...

This one I found here  I like the little window box.

How about this for the inside?  O M G ... I'm in polka dot cutesy heaven! Lots more pics here  In fact if you're a blogger for any length of time you are bound to have seen these beautiful photos at some time or another I know have over the years. 

And this one is just darling!  I can just picture my one in the back of my garden with fairy lights strewn across the outside. You can see more of this one at this lovely blog.

All I need now is a matching bike .......

Which I just happened to find here

Or failing that maybe I could get one of these found here for the bike I have (hmmm maybe make one ???) 

Ok I'm digressing.  This was supposed to be just a short little post about the polka dot caravan but of course I got totally carried away!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday evening.  I'm feeling like a night of stitching by the fire and maybe watching Miss Potter after reading about someone's visit recently to the Lake District. 

Keeeeeep stitching!
M x


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