16 April 2012

Bad blogger!

I'm a very bad blogger I know!  It seems that I always disappear around this time every year as I seem to be busy getting ready for the Roscommon Lamb Festival.

I was also busy getting ready for our local Easter Parade.  This is a pic of me on the back of my Dad's truck in what is supposed to be a representation of me running sewing and knitting workshops in my cottage.  Unfortunately the 'cottage' was still being built the night before so I didn't get to paint it but hopefully the gingham curtains and bunting made up for that.

It was a little embarassing sitting knitting on my own but a fantastic way to promote my business as I've had loads of great feedback.  Wonder what I'll do next year ?

What's everyone else been up to?  Hope you all had a fab Easter.

M x


  1. What an awesome idea and way to put yourself out there!

  2. That Easter parade looks like so much fun!


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