30 March 2012

Easter Bunnies

Sorry for the bloggy gaps - the sun has lured me out to the garden. 

I'm a little anxious today with the grey skies, I may just have been a tad too early in planting a few hundred cottage garden flower seeds!  Luckily half are indoors, the other half outside but under cover.  
Fingers crossed they will be ok!

Meanwhile back inside the cottage ...

there have been lots of bunnies being made for Easter. 

The one above, and the one below are bunny brooches, quite fiddly to make but I think they're rather cute.

Then there's my Bunny family

Daddy Bunny, Mummy Bunny and Baby Bunny 

Don't you just love bunnies !

My favourite of all have to be Julies over at Little Cotton Rabbits - adorable !

If you've seen any cuties make sure and leave a comment - I feel a bunny pin board starting :O) 

Speaking of which I've been absent from Pinterest for a few days.  I daren't log on or I'll never get anything done :O) 

Have a lovely weekend everyone x


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely mention Michelle - have a lovely weekend, J x

  2. Thanks for Julie's link - such a find of a site :)

  3. Cute bunnies, especially the sweet little brooches:)

  4. Lovely bunnies - the fabric is so pretty. Hope you have a lovely Easter xx


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