6 February 2012

Nothing like a granny slip is there?

Over the years I've become a sucker for pretty little dresses. 
However as the years go on less of these dresses seem to be coming with lining and I'm having to revert to wearing what I call "granny slips" underneath to maintain some of my modesty! 

These slips are pretty ugly though. 

The ones in my price range that is! 

 Of course if I were willing to pay more than I paid for the dress I could get something I'd be proud to wear but alas funds are not as good as they once were. 

So ... I've decided to make my own. 

This being the first.

I've made it with come lovely cotton lawn which only cost 5 euro a metre and trimmed it with some trimmings I already had at home.

You know what, I'm quite pleased with it :o)

Of course I now want to make one in several different colours but I'm finishing my shirt dress and already cutting out a pinafore that I'm just dying to make up !!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my previous post about the pincushion.

Thank you also Julie, from the lovely A Tale from Toadstool House blog for my Versatile Blogger award.  Really appreciated x

Have a lovely evening everyone!


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