5 January 2012

Happy Blog Birthday

It's my little blog's birthday today

Happy Birthday michellemadethis.blogspot.com :O)

4 years old today!


Where did that time go?

I started this blog in New York with dreams of living in my cottage in Ireland and eventually running workshops in sewing and knitting. 

I'm so happy to say that I've fulfilled all of those dreams. 
I'm sitting here in my cottage proof reading ads for local papers to advertise my upcoming workshops!

So ... if you are starting the New Year with dreams don't dismiss them because dreams do come true, I'm living proof of that!

How did I do it?
I dreamed and dreamed and dreamed
and most importantly visualised it all.
I cut pictures out of magazines and from the net and pinned them up and made my vision board.  At times I thought there was no chance of some of them happening, especially appearing on tv, but all of it did.

Thank you for reading/following/commenting on my little blog over the years.

Michelle x


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