27 June 2011

Introducing ... Mr & Mrs Puddleduck

Just when I thought I had got the best prezzies ever for my birthday these two arrive.

Introducing Mr & Mrs Puddleduck. 

 Aren't they adorable?

The lastest residents at An Teach Ban.

They are Call ducks so they don't grow any bigger than this.

Unfortunately my girls weren't very welcoming when they first arrived .. 

(warning! - you may want to turn down the sound)

I'm happy to say they are now getting along just fine and it's much quiter - phew!

I've got a boy and a girl and according to this site they are good for breeding so who knows there could be babies .... whooooop whoooooop !!  I am beyond excited.  I think it's safe to say that yesterday was like Christmas for me ... yep, that's how excited I was. 

Right I'm off to dig a big hole for their new 'pond', I need my wash basin back !


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