22 May 2011

Floral loveliness

I can't help it
I'm drawn to florals like a buzzing bee
My face just lights up when I see them
and I recite "this is so me" !

It's gotten so bad that my friends do it too
They call me from shops and say "this is so you"!

So when I walked into Tesco
and saw all of these
I just had to have them all because
they are just so me :O)

 So how are all my lovely blogettes?  I know I've been missing on and off a lot but fingers crossed things should be getting back to normal now.  I've got lots of little crafty projects on the go and dare I say it I'm already planning things for Christmas! 

What's everyone been up to lately? 
Pop by and say hello I've missed you!

LOVING this dress.  The print is just fabulous!

I so needed another bag ... and purse too!

How could I leave this little satchel?

It was the only one there,

so lonely,

so needy of a good home ...

As if all that Cath Kidston-esque floral loveliness wasn't enough I then saw this month's Country Living !!


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