6 February 2011

Not enough hours

I'm pretty sure I posted the same thing this time last year?

I may aswell apologise now for the lack of posts in the last week or so and for the weeks to come.  It's that time of year again, approaching mid term which basically means end of term is almost here and of course I'm knee deep in adding finishing touches to assignments and sketch books (and drinking too much coffee!). 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining I love it, well sort of.  It would be so much more enjoyable without the time constraints but then that's the problem with being a 'creative' we like to just do things when we feel like it not when we have to.  That being said I'm in a good place at the mo and churning things out so again I can't complain :)Here's a few sketches I've been working on for our sculpture project. 

I've gone with the theme 'embrace'

These were one and two minute pencil and pen sketches.

This is done with a felt pen and then water was added to create the shading

This is just oil pastel on a piece of wallpaper

This is a combination of three sketches, the first was red oil pastel (1 minute) where the negative space was sketched, then the pink pastel (1 minute) was used to add shading and the black pastel (1 minute) to finish it.  Not my fav actually as I think it looks a bit violent as opposed to a loving embrace.  Funny how the drawing technique can change the look of a picture.

Finally another pen and water sketch (my personal favourite)

So there you go, that's the reason I haven't been visiting you all so much in blog land.  I have to say I miss it but I have to refrain unless I learn of a technique to freeze time!

Hope you are all well and don't forget me I'll be popping back soon, just not as often.


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