9 October 2010

I couldn't resist!

I can explain ...

I was just home from Dublin
feeling weary and drained
my stomach was grumbling
all the way home on the train

I walked into Tescos
committing a cardinal sin
never when hungry
do you go food shopping!

I piled up the basket
with what I don't know
I got to the bread aisle
and started to glow

Christmas puddings and cakes
in shiny packaging
and there amongst them all
my ultimate sin
dinga ling ling!

By the time I got home though
I was too tired to eat
So I put them aside
for a later day treat.

The treat came on Friday
when I finally got home
curled up on the sofa 
in front of the fire
oh how i love thee
mini mince pie :O)

Have a lovely weekend everyone x


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